NL5RLD:RLDNOD XRouter Node HTTP interface V2.03

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MHeard lists for ports on this system

Port 1

Port 2

Port 3

Port 4

Port 5

Port 6

Port 7

Port 8

Port 9

Port 10

Port 11

Port 12

Port 13

Port 14

Port 15

Port 16

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Port 20


System Statistics

Routing Statistics:

Frames etc.


Trip times

Retry rates


System Statistics:

Layer 1

Layer 2

Layer 3

Layer 4

All layers

Miscellaneous Information:

APRS Position

Frame counts

Hop counts

Queue counts




Node & Routing Information

Nodes by broadcast protocol:

Netrom only

Net Time only

Netrom + Time 

Obsolete Nodes (timed out)

Ip addresses of nodes


Search node table:

Enter a callsign or alias into the text box and click GO.
Depending on your choice you will have a result returned generated directly from the node.

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XRouter interface design by Greg Tuby (PE2GRT/NL1SOL)